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About us

Edd and Rheanonda are natives of Fort Worth and have been married for over 23 years.  They share 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.  

  • Edd has a Bachlor's of Science degree and Master's degree in Education.  He taught in the school system for over 45 years and is currently retired. 

  • Rheanonda has an Associates Degree in Business Management.  She worked as a Customer Service Manager for a major airline for 17 years and left that career to start her own business in the cosmetic industry.  


Our Purpose

My father had been a quadriplegic for all of my adult life. About 21 years ago, after the sudden death of our Mother, I along with my siblings inherited the responsibility of caring for our father. For all these years, we as a family pitched in to care for our dad, and to our knowledge, he was one the longest living quadriplegics until his tragic death at the hands of a medical staff we trusted. During a routine stay at the hospital, more interestingly, the day he was being prepared to be discharged and transported to a rehabilitation facility, he somehow died.  Routine procedures that should have preserved his life, somehow ended his life instead.


Our Passion

This tragedy has moved me to create a non-profit organization called GREATER WORKS TODAY with a main focus on ONE Voice for the Elderly.  We believe, our family is not the only family that has been affected by such a tragedy of this magnitude, and someone MUST be their voice. 


Our Promise

With God's help the Greater Works Today organzation is committed to being all in with you and for you.  Together we can make a difference for generations to come.

Thank you in advance for supporting and being apart our Greater Work!


Edd and Rheanonda Gray 


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